The General Public— where high quality fashion meets sustainability. The General Public provides a curation of ethical and eco-conscious garments, artisanal home goods, and a variety of art and accessories made by small makers. The General Public prides itself on bringing Missoula unique objects and clothing that are created with the wellbeing of the environment in mind.

The General Public aligns with the belief that self expression is a process of empowerment. It is the process of being unique which leads to participation and unity. Every time we are segmented from one another, we become isolated and powerless. To encourage one another is to act true to one’s self and one another, will strengthen us all as a whole. And by doing all this while considering nature and consciousness, brings us even closer to each other and the world we live in.


The General Public



Raised at the junction of the rugged and the hopeful, Allison Reaves grew up cultivating a pragmatic core of Montana values and an insatiable desire for horizons yet to be found. This came together with her love for fashion design and organic textiles— more specifically, what she chose to create with her skillset and passion for sustainability. 

Prior to setting up shop in her hometown of Missoula, Montana, Reaves attended Oregon State University where she studied apparel design. She then moved to Portland, Oregon upon graduating where she worked for designer Alexa Stark, Portland Garment Factory, and many other empowering women in the arts and fashion industries. Cut to 2016 when Reaves started her houseline, which she named her storefront after— The General Public. Reaves then made the decision to move back to Missoula in 2019 with plans to establish her brick and mortar store, bringing Missoula ethically and environmentally conscious clothing items. The General Public is a love letter from Reaves to Missoula, sharing her love for fashion, sustainability, and art with the community she adores most. 

Wanting to bring Missoula eco-friendly and ethically made garments has been on the forefront of Reaves’ goals for The General Public ever since its founding in 2019. While carrying an array of womens, mens, and unisex clothing from a variety of sustainable brands, Reaves makes sure to hold the same standards and values for the garments she crafts for The General Public houseline. 

Reaves gravitates towards opposing themes. She believes that perfection finds its awkwardness, harmony its spontaneity, and understanding that two opposing themes can come together to create harmony. She strives for all this and more in conjunction with sustainability to make staple garments as unique as the individual who wears them.

Reaves remains loyal to her ethics— being environmentally conscious, inclusive to all who co-inhabit this planet, and a friend to the Missoula community. While The General Public is her vision, she is committed to creating a collaborative workspace for the GP Team, for in communal efforts, the best outcomes are born.


 Allison Reaves