Chime Kit / Pom Pom
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Chime Kit / Pom Pom

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Make your own chimes!

- 18 loose ceramic pieces (shapes vary per kit)
- approx 36” of string with loop and bead at top
- assembly instructions included
- mainly for inside use, if hung outdoors please bring in during strong weather

To assemble the chimes, slide on a piece to where you want it and make a knot underneath it, or tie the piece in place. There's no right or wrong order, just make sure to place at least a few pieces close together so they touch and make a chime sound when dangled. To finish the chime you can tie a piece on the end or just a knot. Let any excess string dangle or cut it off.

Chimes can be hung indoors or out, but they are fragile, and if outdoors may not withstand long term exposure to weather. Consider bringing them in during storms, excessive wind, or winter weather.

Have fun!!

 *These kits are packages well, but still fragile. We're not responsible for any broken pieces upon arrival. 

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