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6 Reasons We Love Kowtow
Kowtow Clothing
1.  Kowtow is committed to "closing the loop" in a garment's life cycle by promising one free repair with each purchase and recycling the garment at the end of its life.
2.  Kowtow sources all its wool, alpaca fleece, and mohair from farmers in New Zealand who are committed to the highest grade of animal welfare.
3.  Kowtow only uses sustainable and renewable fibers to create their pieces. They purely use non-GMO cotton, which is grown sustainably and only rain fed to preserve the natural ecosystems at the farms that support their fair trade initiative.
4.  Kowtow solely utilizes dyes and inks for its cotton which are free from chlorine bleach, toxic heavy metals, formaldehyde, and aromatic solvents, which qualifies them to meet the Global Textile Standard.
5.  Kowtow's garments are super stylish and fun! They bring clean lines and loose fitting silhouettes together to fit an array of people!
6.  Kowtow has earned an A+ rating in the Tearfund/Baptist World Aid Ethical Fashion Survey and is a SA8000 certified organization which ensures socially acceptable practices such as guaranteed minimum wage, paid holidays, overtime, sick pay, medical insurance and workplace unions.

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